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About Us

Welcome to Football Fan App – the revolutionary Web 3.0 experience seamlessly merging social networking, e-commerce, gaming, and incentivized participation. Whether you're an impassioned fan or a forward-thinking business, our platform transcends conventional boundaries, offering an unparalleled avenue to connect and engage with the enthralling world of football.

Beyond being a mere app, Football Fan stands as a groundbreaking fan-owned platform, surpassing the limitations of conventional sports applications. With a remarkable 314% oversubscription in our Crowdcube campaign, our collective ownership model forms a dynamic community, fostering unwavering loyalty. Join a diverse network, including fans, clubs, players, influencers, journalists, and businesses, converging within the vibrant space of the Football Fan app.

Connectivity is at the heart of our platform, where social networking facilitates meaningful connections. Share experiences, discuss the latest football news, and stay updated on global events seamlessly. For prospective partners, this interconnected community offers an exclusive opportunity to collaborate with a diverse and engaged audience, tapping into the unique dynamics of the Football Fan platform to enhance brand visibility and connect with a passionate fan base.

Driving Football Fan's success are features that enhance user experience and provide exciting opportunities for businesses. Users can generate football-focused content, create or sell NFTs, participate in chat rooms, access live scores, commentary, and statistics, and stay updated on global football news. Moreover, our dedicated e-commerce platform proudly showcases officially licensed merchandise from over 200 brands and more than 50 professional football clubs – all conveniently available within the app.

In addition to connecting with fellow fans and shopping for the latest gear, users can immerse themselves in a world of interactive football games. From trivia challenges to virtual match predictions, the app offers a diverse range of games designed to test fans' knowledge and intuition, adding an extra layer of excitement to the overall football experience.

What truly sets us apart is our tangible rewards system intricately woven into the app. Active participation doesn't just yield points or virtual trophies; it unlocks real-world value and utility, transforming dedication and enthusiasm into tangible benefits.

Every user contribution is rewarded with FanCoin®, our blockchain-secured digital token, creating multiple revenue streams for users.

Download the app for free, immerse your business in our thriving ecosystem, and explore FanCoin® – ushering in a new era of interactive and rewarding football fandom.

Here, the love for the game meets cutting-edge technology, and collaborative ventures flourish for both businesses and passionate fans alike.


Leadership Team

Amit Singh Rathore
Founder & CEO

Serial entrepreneur with successful track record of exit from CineFunTV, a live streaming business. He brings 21 years of global experience from HP Labs, BT, Lloyds Bank, HSBC, Bank of America, RBS. Amit also has 2 technology patents at the US PTO.

Irfan Qureshi
Operations Manager

Brings 18 years in various areas of business operations and marketing working with leading financial institutions. He manages our operations team that helps in smoothing running of daily chores.

Hadrien Perazzini
Financial Advisor

Hadrien is an ex-Arsenal, ex-NBA, ex-IMG senior executive with over 2 decades of expertise in the world of sport, media and entertainment. He will be helping us in our next investment raise and building strategic collaborations.

Gurpreet Singh Bains
Financial Advisor

Gurpreet works with several HNWs, family offices and private equity creating financial strategies for his international clientele. He will be helping us in our next investment raise and building strategic collaborations.

Roshi Sharma
External Legal Counsel

Roshi is an experienced lawyer and financial services executive with 18 years’ industry experience. Roshi founded LawBEAM to help clients solve the legal and regulatory challenges posed by new technologies. He advises financial firms, technology companies, and crypto / web 3.0 enterprises on UK and international law and regulation.

Contact Information

  • Football Fan Limited,
    1 Ropemaker Street,
    London EC2Y 9AW,
    United Kingdom
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